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  1. Divers definition is - various. How to use divers in a sentence. First Known Use of divers. Adjective. 14th century, in the meaning defined above. Pronoun, plural in construction.
  2. Define divers. divers synonyms, divers pronunciation, divers translation, English dictionary definition of divers. several, various, sundry: The artist used divers articles in her collage. Not to be confused with: diverse – unlike in kind; distinct; separate; divergent.
  3. Diverse definition is - differing from one another: unlike. How to use diverse in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of diverse.
  4. Divers Some ones; certain ones. And he went into the synagogue, and spake boldly for the space of three months, disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God.
  5. Divers: Several; any number more than two; different. Divers is a collective term used to group a number of unspecified people, objects, or acts. It is used frequently to describe property, as in divers .
  6. Aug 02,  · divers (comparative more divers, superlative most divers) Obsolete spelling of diverse, in the sense of various or assorted. , James A.H. Murray, editor, A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles: Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by the Philological glenacenbridoupnan.conmaucontmolinanliteldefemira.coative: diverser.

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