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  1. turbulent: [adjective] exhibiting physical turbulence. characterized by agitation or tumult: tempestuous.
  2. Turbulent definition, being in a state of agitation or tumult; disturbed: turbulent feelings or emotions. See more.
  3. Define turbulent. turbulent synonyms, turbulent pronunciation, turbulent translation, English dictionary definition of turbulent. adj. 1. Moving rapidly or violently: turbulent rapids. 2. Characterized by disorder, commotion, or unrest: a turbulent period in history. tur′bu·lent·ly.
  4. Turbulent's hydroelectric turbines bring clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy to thousands of remote locations where hydropower was never viable before.
  5. turbulent definition: 1. involving a lot of sudden changes, arguments, or violence: 2. Turbulent air or water moves very. Learn more.
  6. Turbulent: marked by bursts of destructive force or intense activity. Synonyms: bang-bang, blood-and-guts, convulsive Antonyms: nonviolent, peaceable, peaceful.
  7. Another word for turbulent. Find more ways to say turbulent, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  8. Sep 24,  · Turbulent definition: A turbulent time, place, or relationship is one in which there is a lot of change, | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  9. Nov 29,  · Turbulent personality types tend to notice little problems and often do something about them before they become larger ones. 86% of those with the Turbulent Identity say that comparing themselves to others usually results in a negative feeling, compared to 58% of .

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